Coming to Terms with a New Reality

Last month, I wrote a little about situations that make us re-evaluate the way we think about life and suggested […]

Life-Changing Moments

Occasionally, the world presents us with situations that make us re-evaluate the way we think about life.  Two years ago, […]

To the Unsung

In this Jubilee Year, and as the worst of the Covid19 pandemic seems to be over, our thoughts are turning […]

Deja Vu

There’s a line in the Bible’s Book of Ecclesiastes which reads simply, “There is nothing new under the sun.”  It […]

One Rule for Them

The saga of Novak Djokovic and his treatment by the Australian immigration system has just concluded as I write.  For […]

New Year, New Me

Some of you may know that Covid decided to come to our house for Christmas.  We didn’t invite it.  In […]

Good Giving

Christmas is coming!  For some, those three words might engender a sense of dread, but my personal hope is that […]

On Negligence

I cannot imagine how Alec Baldwin feels right now.  If you haven’t heard the news, he is an actor, currently […]

Making Progress

Maybe it’s because I’m getting old (and I do pray that God will guard me from becoming cynical as I […]

On Getting Where we Want to Go

I’ve recently bought a new SatNav.  It promised much, but it disappointed – even in the initial set-up: it couldn’t […]