Heirlooms and Histories

My parents recently visited my uncle.  He’s not been very well of late, and living alone and without any children, […]

Silenced by Grace

When I was at vicar-school, I learned that when one reads out loud, one tends to do so more quickly […]

A Season of Hallelujahs

Last month, I wrote about journeys, and particularly the journey through Lent to Easter.  I said I was happy to […]

Enjoying the Ride

I was listening to a podcast recently in which the presenters were discussing the difference between the Marvel Cinematic Universe […]

Keeping Community Alive

One of the things I enjoy about living in this benefice is the active community that there is in the […]

None Taken

Happy New Year!  I’ll be honest, it feels a bit weird to be writing this a fortnight before Christmas, but […]

Advertising the Heart of Christmas

Once, conversation in the streets and workplaces commonly included discussion about what people had all seen on TV the previous […]

Dates to Remember

I want to draw attention to five October and November dates which are significant for the way we live today.  […]


As part of my role as Rural Dean, I have the responsibility of conducting inspections of churches on behalf of […]

Women playing football

Football over Family?

In the run-up to the Women’s World Cup Final, questions were being asked about whether church services would be cancelled […]